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Today we are going to cook a rice dish that you could call paella, even though it is not the typical one. It is an easy and filling lunch if you have lot of people visiting. 

(for 8 people):

- 8 small cups (each cup 100 ml aprox.) of rice.
- 500 grs. of fresh mussels 
- 500 grs. of clams
- 6 chicken wings
- 8 pieces of chorizo
- 1 squid, aprox. 300 grs. (also you could use "rings of calamari")
- 300 grs. of small shrimps
- 1 clove garlic
- 1 head of fish (hake, goosefish,...)
- 3 eggs
- Tomato sauce
- 1 cub of meat stock
- Olive Oil
- food colouring (like Saffron).
- Salt

For avoidance of doubt, the cup size would be this:  

- Clean the mussels, taking out the dirt outside like algi. Open them in a pot with a bit of water. When the water starts boiling place them, not all at the same time, and take them out when they open. If they don´t open, it means that they are not good ones. Reserve this liquid (previously drained), because adding a bit of water to it we are going to have a stock to cook the rice with. For each mussle take one side of the shell out.
- Clean the squid and cut it in rings.
- Open the clams (with a bit of water, like with the mussels and reserve the liquid for the rice too).
- Make a broth with the head of the fish. Drain also this stock, that we will use for the rice as well.
- Mix all the stock that we prepared with the cube of meat stock in a pot and keep it warm.
- Boil water just in case the stock is not enough and we should add some extra liquid. 
- Boiled 3 eggs, peal and chop them finely.

First.  Use a paellera, the typical pans for paella (see the next photo), if you don´t have one, use a big flat pan. 

Second. With olive oil fry the chicken wings until they look like gold. Take them out, but the oil should stay.

Third. Fry the squid´s rings until they feel soft (about 7 or 8 minutes).

Fourth. Add to the squid, the shrimps and cook them for 2 minutes. Move them to avoid them sticking on the bottom.

Fifth.  Add the clams, the chorizo, the garlic and the chicken. Move them a bit to mix all. See the photo below.

Sixth.  Place the rice to the mixture, move for a bit.

Seventh.  Add the colouring and move to share it all over the food.

. Add the broth that we have prepared until the border of the pan, if it´s not enough we should add some boiling water. Should be like 16-17 cups from the ones that we used for measuring the rice. 

.  Try the stock and add salt to taste.

Tenth.  Add the mussels.

Eleventh.  Add a tablespoon of tomato sauce.
Twelfth.  Let it boil for 10 min and then to medium heat (but should still boiling) for another 9 or 10 minutes. If you realise that it starts to get dry you could add more liquid, until 5 minutes before finishing the cooking.

Thirteenth.  Take the pan off the heat and cover it with a clean tea towel (it is still cooking with it owns steam). Keep that for 3 minutes.

Fourteenth.  Decorate the paella with the egg. Serve quick so the rice doesn´t cook too much. 

Enjoy it..........



-Don´t be afraid to experiment with other seefood and meat. 
-If you can´t find fish to make the stock, you may find bricks with fish broth already prepared.

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