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Without a doubt Paella and potato omelette or omelet are the most known spanish dishes! Everyone has it own way to prepare it, with or without onion, a bit runny or well done, thinner or thicker... Here is our way, and of course the best one! You are indeed lucky, because we already showed you the way of preparing paella, so you can know how to prepare the most traditional spanish dishes!

We hope you like the potato omelette!

- 3 medium potatoes
- 4 eggs
- 1/4 onion (optional)
- Oil (cooking olive oil or vegetable oil, because you need quite a bit)
- Salt
- Cayenne pepper (optional)

Option 1 -  WITH onion

- Chop finely about 1/4 of the onion.

- Peal and chop the potatoes in small pieces. We recommend first to cut lengthwise and then chop it in horizontal. 

Option 2 -WITHOUT onion

- Peal and chop the potatoes in small pieces. We recommend first to cut lengthwise and then chop it in horizontal.

- Please go directly to step 2.

First. In a pan place the oil, then add the onion, salt and cayenne pepper. Cook it medium heat, we don´t want to burn it.

Second. When the onion is soft, but still white, place the potatoes, keep it at medium heat.

Third. Move the potatoes and onion, and when they become softer, try to melt the potatoes with a wooden spoon. The process depends on the kind of potato, but should take about 15 min. They should look like the picture below, before adding the eggs. 

Fourth. While the potatoes are cooking, place 4 eggs in a bowl, beat them an add salt to taste. Don´t add to much salt because we already add some to the onion.

Fifth. Add the potatoes to the eggs, be careful and try to drain as much oil as possible from the potatoes before adding them to the eggs. Move until it is an uniform mixture. 

Sixth. Take the oil from the pan, let just a tablespoon of it. Don't trow it away, we will need the oil later. Wait until the oil is hot, on high heat, and place the mixture in the pan.

Seventh. Cook it for about 15 seconds, and turn it over. For that you are going to need a flat lid, see picture, if not you also can use a flat plate, bigger than the omelette. The procedure is to hold the lid with the left hand and the pan with the right, and turn it over using the lid. The omelette stays on the lid, don't worry if some liquid drips, you need some experience.

Eight. Add again just a bit of oil, and place the other side of the omelette to cook. Let it run carefully from the lid, use a wooden spoon to help. Cook it for 20 seconds.

Should looks like the picture!

Don't worry if the first time doesn't look perfect, keep trying!

Enjoy it!


-  If somebody doesn't like spicy food, don't use the cayenne pepper.
- You also can try and add other elements inside of the tortilla, like red or green capsicum, add them in the second step.
- We normally use piquillo capsicums or roast capsicums as side dish.

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