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Para ver esta receta en castellano, pulse aquí: LAS RECETAS DE ANGELINES

As i´ve told you, Angelines is a really good cooker. I thought that already tried all of her recipes, but at Easter time, she surprised me with a easy and tasty recipe (using the pressure cooker), a beef stew! 

- 3 Potatoes, not too big.
- 1 Onion (We will the half of it)
- 1 Carrot
- 1 green capsicum / pepper 
1 red capsicum / pepper 

- 500 gr. of beef for stew (rib roast)
- 1 glass of white wine (aprox. 100 ml.)
- 1 cube od beef stock 
- 1 tin of mushrooms (or 300 gr. of fresh ones) 
- 1 tin of artichoke
- 1 small tin of peas
- Olive oil
- Water
- Salt
- Black pepper

- Chop the onion, and the capsicums. 

- Chop also the beef (for example, in Germany, you could find the meat already cut), in small cubes, aprox. 4cm.
- Cut the garlic.

- Peal and cut the potatoes.

First.  In the pressure cooker place 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and fry lightly the choped oinion and capsicums. 

Second. Then add the beef (salt and pepper to taste), and cook it until is gently fried, cause on that depends that the sauce becomes darker colour.  

Thirth.  Once the meat is cook how we wanted, add the white wine and the beef stock. Let that cook for 2 min. and close the lid. Let it cooling for about 20 min. The cooking time depends on the pressure cooker, if when you open it, the meat is still hard, you should close it a let a bit still cooking. 

Fourth.  Open the cooker and add the mushrooms, peas and potatoes. Close the lid again and let cook for 4 min. (for example, my pressure cooker needs 7 min.)

Fifth.  Open again the lid and place the artichokes, if they are from a tin or froozen, you should cook the with the mixture for 5 min (lid open). But if thea are already cooked, or in oil, you should also warm them the the mixture (about 2 min). 

and... that´s it ! it should looks like that:



-I really like the artichokes in oil.
-If the sauce is too fluid, you could mixt a half of a tablespoon of flour with a bit of cold water and add it, into the pot.

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